I am:  A Wellness Stylist and a Yogi.

Style of Grace is: A holistic approach to style.

Personal style is a matter of the heart.

Our wardrobe should be an empowering experience of creative expression that allows us to move through our lives with Grace; a humble confidence.

I work  holistically to create an individualized and sustainable wisdom  to help find your authentic style from the inside. The goal is that you not only look good, but you feel good.

Style and wellness is personal.

I believe in the Holy Trinity of Mind, Body, Spirit.

For me; through diet, yoga, a deep spiritual practice and the integration of these beliefs into all aspects of my life, everything got easier, more graceful.

I learned that even Style is a spiritual experience; it starts at the heart.

The choices we make determine our outcome.

Choose wisely. Choose what honors your own truth.

I would love to help you find the spirit of your own style

I hope to touch the heart of others.  Over time, through many experiences and much trial and error, I have found what I call my ‘sustainable wisdom’ that helps me to grow into grace.  It is a Daily Practice; moment to moment of love, peace, forgiveness and gratitude.

Be light.